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I’m nervous about starting therapy. Is that normal?

Therapy can be vulnerable and new, so it’s natural to be nervous. It can be scary to think of opening up or crying in front of someone new, perhaps fearing that it will be awkward and uncomfortable. The fear around that can feel overwhelming. Getting the counseling we need can be challenging. And although it’s normal to be nervous, that doesn’t make it feel great. It takes courage to continue towards getting the help you need.
Therapy is a space where you can be yourself and allow yourself to be fully known and unconditionally accepted. I’m committed to finding a way to care for your nervousness and ensure sessions are as comfortable as possible.
I’m here if you want to talk about it during a free phone or video consultation.

How do I know if you are the right therapist for me?

Take your time to read through my website. If you sense that I may be a good fit based on what you are reading, you can Call me.
During a free phone or video consultation, you can ask me about how I have helped other people like you before, ask how I work as a therapist, or any other questions you may have that are specific to you. You’ll also be able to tell me what’s up and we can decide together how I can help.
It may be helpful to think of the first few sessions as super low pressure chats. During the sessions, you’ll be able to see how you feel working with me. My approach is not going to work for everyone. What’s most important to me is that you find someone who you feel is the right fit for you. We can explore that together.

What if I don’t want to talk about something?

If something feels overwhelming or even terrifying to discuss, that’s actually very normal. It can often feel difficult to talk about some things. During our sessions, you’re the expert in your own life and needs. You’ll never be alone and I’ll be right there with you to process the tough stuff. We will collaborate on understanding what you feel ready to open up about. Together we will work through any difficulties.
You can also share with me that you are nervous to open up about something and we can talk about that too. Whatever is present for you. Whatever you are going through, bring that to session and we can explore that together.

I’m scared that if I open up, you will think I’m crazy.

If you open up to me, I will not think you are crazy, I will think you are unique and human. Many of my clients have had the same fear (that people would think they are crazy).
Through my own life journey and working with my clients, I can promise you’re not alone in your experiences, even though they are unique to you.
You’re not being dramatic or “too much.” Nothing you can say will cause me to judge you.
I know many of us are overwhelmed.  We might be emotionally drained from the ups and downs and we may have normal reactions to abnormally challenging experiences.
Whatever it is you’re going through, I provide a safe space where you can feel heard and supported without judgement

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

It can be concerning feeling like things you say or do in therapy could “get out.” So I want you to know that unless you are in danger or someone else is, your story is confidential and your time in the session is protected.
Your privacy and trust are of utmost importance to me.
You can rest assured that you can talk about anything without fear of that information getting out.
If you have specific questions about how confidentiality works, you can ask during your free phone or video consultation or anytime during our work together.

How long will therapy take?

You might be asking about how long therapy will take because you think that therapy will be an overwhelming process.
If this is true for you, I want you to know that on average, my new clients start feeling lighter overall after the first 3-5 sessions.  And, it all truly depends on how long it takes to gather information and how often we can have sessions.
By that point, they feel hopeful for healing and have gained some skills to manage challenging life stuff a bit better.
The total duration of therapy varies from client to client. Some of my clients find 6-12 weeks to be enough to learn more about themselves, how they relate to others and the world, and practical skills to adapt to various challenges. Other clients feel more supported by longer term therapy.
We will work together to find the length of time that works for you.

What can I expect during the first session?

Overall, you can think of the first session as a two-way interview where we can ask each other questions so we can begin to get know each other. I’ll invite you to share more about yourself and we can also talk about what’s worked or not worked for your mental health in the past.
Some questions that I like to ask during a first session include:

* What brought you to therapy?
* What goals would you like to reach by coming to therapy?
* What is important for me to know about you to understand your current challenges?
You can ask me questions as well. You might be curious about why I’m a therapist or how I’ve helped other clients like you.  Bring it!
The most important part of a first session is to experience what therapy is like with me. If you feel secure, accepted, and cared for with me, we can discuss if you’d like to meet again.

How can I get started?
I’m here to talk during a free phone or video consultation where you can tell me what’s up and we can decide together how I can help.
Call or text me today to get your free phone or video consultation at (405) 673-1433.

Call or text me today at (405) 673-1433. I’m here for you.

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